Review: Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona, Spain

Moritz is a large scale, international beer producer that has opened a ‘microbrewery’ in Barcelona. So imagine if Miller/Coors opened a ‘specialty’ beer bar with just their beers on draft. I know that Mortiz doesn’t make the best product in Europe, but it’s great to see them marketing their product in a cool way with a wonderful space and awesome food.

When we visited the location in Barcelona, we didn’t realize that there are 4 different parts to this brewery taking up almost 1/2 of the block it’s located at (production in the basement as well). To include: Wine & Beer bar, Restaurant, bakery, and gift shop. Each has a different vibe and a separate entrance, but linked together with passages inside. The color scheme is vibrant florescent orange (like their logo) in the lighting overhead and it is really trippy. The location is purely modern in design with exposed brick, with a cross between cafe and upscale dining. The bakery has fresh sweets, breads and various eats to go, the gift shop is truly amazing. The marketing dept must have carte-blanche and an unlimited budget because they have tons of crazy stuff with their logo on it.

The brewery kettles are located in the back behind glass and exposed in two different spaces. They also do bottling on demand and growler fills. You can request a special mix of any of their beers and they will bottle it for you on site. This is basically a growler fill using pop top bottles on-demand, or what they call “Moritz Fresca” (

The breakfast we ordered was really inexpensive, delicious, and overall this was an amazing brewery to visit. We would highly recommend it to anyone that visits Barcelona. Special note, they do have menus in many languages, Englis, French, German, etc. Just ask your server for one.

Their biers on draft/available at this location were: Moritz (a standard pale lager – soft pilsner approach), Epidor (amber bock), and Quinto (dark bock), Lemonaid Shanty (Radler), and a Beer Sangria. I’ve reviewed a few of them below.
Ronda Sant Antoni, 41 tel: 934.260.050
Brewery open from 6am to 3am daily

Cervezas Moritz, S.A. • Pale Lager • ABV: 5.4% • IBUs: ?
Clean and light hop nose and white head with a clingy lattice foam rim. Pale malts balance the grassy and floral bitters.
Cervezas Moritz, S.A. • Bock • ABV: 7.2% • IBUs: ?
Thin bright white head, 20ish SRM, sweet malty nose with hints of alcohol. Effervescence of spice, floral on the front and the flavor profile drops quickly with little aftertaste. Overall this is an average lager that is a good standby if available.

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