I have been a friend of beer, specifically craft beers for many years. While I enjoy the process of drinking and brewing beer, I have found that practice makes perfect when it comes to beertography and refining your skills in reviewing and discussing beer with friends and others. This blog was started when I decided a few years ago to start posting my reviews of breweies and beers online to help track what I’ve drank and the places I’ve visited.

I have been a member of the Oregon Brew Crew (homebrewing club in Portland) for a few years now and along with participating in their competitions, I’ve reviewed, shared, and discussed beer in various ways as an amateur across the US, England, and Europe at many breweries and taprooms. This blog is a combination of some of those past reviews using various feeds from UNTAPPD (Android app for tracking what beers you drink), FLICKR (pictures), and most recently my Twitter feed, which I use to follow lots of breweries and beer related things.

I’ve also made an effort to collect some of the better information on reviewing beer and about beer in general from the internet to help both myself and you to learn about it. I look forward to expanding these resources to include home brewing processes and sharing my experiences with related events.


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