Review: Doomsday Brewing, Washougal WA

On Saturday April 11th, Doomsday Brewing was the last of three breweries visited in SW Washington. I’ve only been to Doomsday brewing one time prior, and that was to their “Zombeer Halloween” costume party that happened last year (2014). It was a lot of fun, and I got a lot of compliments on my ZombEaster Bunny costume. The location is in an industrial building with limited signage (as you can see in the picture, and that’s Ryan, my drinking buddy for the day)…you need to use your nav to get there if you don’t know where it is. The inside has a small bar to sit at and a few tables. The day we went, it wasn’t busy, so we were able to order and get our beers pretty quickly.

They do offer food on site, but we didn’t order anything so I can’t really speak to the menu or quality. They do have popcorn and other types of snacks if you are wanting something simple and cheap to nibble on while you drink. The bartender was super friendly and wanted to help us with our exploring of their beers. He explained them the best he could and we really appreciated. As this brewery is somewhat off the beaten path, it caters to mostly locals, and the other people there were obviously regulars and were happy to provide their opinions of the beers as the bartender explained them to us.

The beers came in a couple of rounds of four as shown below. We were lucky and the bartender provided us with a sample of the Cascadia Falls CDA which they had just tapped. So super lucky for us and the other patrons in the bar. Overall, the range of beers is pretty decent, there are a few misses, but that’s to be expected when you experiment and push the envelope with beer. The Cascadia Fault CDA and the Hop Lemon ISA were the most interesting beers we tried that day. So if you’re in Washougal and need to stop for a beer and friendly conversation, definately check them out.

Doomsday Brewing Co.
421 C St.
Unit 1B
Washougal, WA 98671
Ph: 360-335-9909

Nuclear IPA
Doomsday Brewing • NW IPA • IBU: 90 • ABV: 7% • 12 SRM
Hops: Cascade, Summit, and Chinook. Columbus dry hopped
More orange than yellow hue, white small bubbly head that drops quickly, nose is a bit sharp with grassy/herbal hop notes. The front mouth-feel shifts between the malt build that lends to a mild-soapy/chewy approach with the dry hopping being really present with grassy, herbal, and slightly dry-citrus hop notes. Really complex and slightly sweet IPA with a dry finish.
Agent Orange IPA
Doomsday Brewing • IPA • IBU: 60 • ABV: 5.6% • 10 SRM
Hops: Simcoe, Citra
Draft is bright orange hue with a small bubbly white head. The nose is dry and bitter from floral and citrus rind. The front mouth-feel is pretty sharp with the citrus bitters (dry-hopped approach), and slightly sweet with enough malts to balance it out. The overall appeal is the orange peel/rind hop citrus and steady full body vibe.
Come At Me Bro! IIPA
Doomsday Brewing • Imperial / Double IPA • IBU: 120 • ABV: 9% • 10 SRM
Hops: Summit, Cluster, and Simcoe
Slight orange/yellow clear hue on this draft. White foamy head that drops quickly. The nose is subtle citrus and floral hops. The front and mid mouth-feel is a little sharp with the floral and orange/citrus hops. Mid mouth-feel has a bit of ‘dry grain’ malts that come through that helps balance it out. The back and after taste has some lingering citrus rind bitters.
Redemption Red
Doomsday Brewing • American Amber / Red Ale • IBU: 40 • ABV: 6.5% • 20 SRM
This draft is a dark amber color with a solid white head that lingers on the rim. The nose is really malty/bready with a sweet grain profile. The front/mid mouth-feel is a bit thin but sweet with plenty of malts that are balanced with a slight dry hopped finish. The hops present with resins and a thinner-dry hopped presentation.
Undead Chihuahua Golden
Doomsday Brewing • Golden Ale • IBU: 30 • ABV: 4.5% • 8 SRM
A clear, slight orange/yellow hue with a nice white, foamy head. The nose is misleading with slight sweet sugary malt note with subtle yeasty funk. Grassy and floral hops are present on the front to back mouth-feel. The lager mouth-feel is slightly skunky and thin.
Ender Vanilla Porter
Doomsday Brewing • Porter • IBU: 35 • ABV: 6.5% • 40+ SRM
Note: Secondary fermented with vanilla beans
This is a solid opaic black/brown draft with an off-white head that drops and leaves little lacing. The nose is burned grains and slight bitters. The vanilla and cocoa present on the front and mid with this full bodied beer. It does have a slight dry/bitter finish on the back with the burned bread-like flavors.
Beatdown Beet Wheat
Doomsday Brewing • Wheat Ale • IBU: 35 • ABV: 5% • ?? SRM
Solid white head, 50% opacity solid red hue with a sweet, sugary nose. There is a harsh vegital-hop and flavor front mouth with subtle coriander and other sharp spices. The mid/back mouth is really sharp and almost ‘hot’ in it’s presence. This is an experimental beer, so you have been warned.
Hop Lemon ISA
Doomsday Brewing • IPA • IBU: 65 • ABV: 4.5% • 3 SRM
Straw yellow and hazy colored with a solid white head. There is a bit of yeast on the nose with some tart lemon present. The citrus and lemons are really present on the front and mid mouth-feel and the mid/back is a bit sharper and dry. The back is a bit ‘rotted fruit’ or ‘wet sock’ in approach, so you have been warned. “Like a shandy without the sweetness…”
Cascadia Fault CDA
Doomsday Brewing • Black IPA / Cascadian Dark Ale • IBU: 65 • ABV: 6.2% • 40+ SRM
The draft if solid black/brown and the head is not present. The nose has a bit of toasted grains and bread, the bitters are really secondary on the nose, and the front and mid mouth-feel do have a bit of hop resin and pine character. The chewy body holds it together.
Black Out Chocolate Imperial Stout (nitro)
Doomsday Brewing • Imperial Stout • IBU: ?? • ABV: 8% • 40+ SRM
Super dark brown/black hue draft. The off-white two finger head dropped pretty quickly and the nose was all coffee bitters. I’m not a coffee fan, so it was a bit challenging for me to enjoy this beer as it tasted more of bitter espresso than anything else. The mid and after taste have a lingering coffee profile that tastes like old coffee grounds.

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