Review: Fort George Brewing, Astoria OR


This was our second stop in Astoria OR on Saturday 15th of Nov. The brewery is located on the east end of downtown, just south of the main strip. The restaurant has a main floor and upper level which were super busy when we got there so we actually ended up across the parking lot at the taster room “Lovell Brewery & Taproom”. This doesn’t look like a tap-room from the outside, so look for the “OPEN” sign. Part of their production takes place in the space, they also do tasting and instructional events in the larger room. The tap-room space is really small, cozy and inviting with a fireplace.

Fort George Brewing, www.FORTGEORGEBREWERY.COM

Here’s a review of the beers we tried:

Style Beer Name ABV IBU Thoughts
American Pale Ale SUNRISE OATMEAL PALE ALE 5.2% ? This is one of the better Ft. George beers you can find. It has a clean/clear bright color, has a citrus and grapefruit nose. The mid and back mouth feel are full bodied with bitterness, grassy and sharp notes.
Pale Ale FRUITION PALE ALE 6.75% ? Pale with a strong bitter forward, with a slight piney and grapefruit nose. The color is lighter than other pales I’ve had. The back end leans towards citrus and soft malt notes. There are fruit notes on the front and back.
English Style Ale MYLD STALLYN 3.5% ? This ale is lighter in approach than most English ales. It was made with Hazelnuts, so it has a definite nut and malt side. The ABV is low, so it’s almost like a lite amber ale.
IPA BETA 6.3 IPA 6.2% ? This is a super hop forward IPA with a strong earthy/piney nose and opaque yellow SMR. The dry hop finish is not for beginners. Not enough malt to balance out the overpowering esters.
Fruit Beer SQUASHBUCKLER 6.5% ? A well balanced Pumpkin / Yam Beer that has a nice copper color and soft nose. The hops and malts are balanced and the fruit doesn’t come out as sweet at all. No spice at all to speak of.
Stout CHERRY CHOCOLATE STOUT 6.2% ? This stout is a bit light in color and mouth feel. It does have a defined chocolate nose, and has coco bitters on the front. If you let it sit a little, the cherry mid and back shows up. The tartness is decent without any syrup/sweetness.
Imperial Red Ale RED TIDE 8.5% ? This is an alcohol forward strong ale with toasted malts and sweet piney aromas. Mild coloring is misleading. There are a lot of strong bitters in this one.
Barleywine BALZAC’S BARLEYWINE 9.0% ? This barleywine is surprisingly not sweet for it’s ABV. It does have a softer bitter on the nose and full light mouth feel. It’s got a punch if you’re not careful.

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