So thanks for visiting this blog. I have been a friend of beer, specifically craft beers for many years and have for much of that time, reviewed, shared, and discussed beer in various ways as an amateur. This blog is a combination of some of those past reviews using various feeds from UNTAPPD (Android app for tracking what beers you drink), FLICKR (pictures), and most recently my Twitter feed, which I use to follow lots of breweries and such, and typically just retweet from them.

I have tried to find some of the better information on reviewing beer from the internet to help both myself, and you the reader to learn about this process. I try to keep an open mind and pallet when I drink beer, and so should you. 🙂

Regarding my professional career and past work, I am currently an employee of the Veterans Administration working at the VISN 20 offices under the VISN CIO, basically providing IT management support. Prior to my current job, I’ve worked at the VA VISN 20 offices and Portland VA medical center working under the Education departments at each. Before my VA career, I worked in web design, development, and project management in the Portland area for a number of different web “.com” companies. There’s a LOT of sites that I’ve designed and coded, as well as collateral and print work that I’ve done. Below are some examples of design work that I have done.

click the » title for sample work — then scroll to the right »

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