Review: Brauhaus Lemke, Berlin Germany

During a recent trip to Berlin Germany (Dec. 2014), we tried to find a few breweries to visit, and this one was actually just a few blocks from our hotel. Lemke is an old school German brewery with rustic tables and friendly wait staff located in the “Mitte” part of Berlin under an S-BAHN line. There were two sides to the location, we sat in the bar side, the main restaurant is a dim candle light dinner vibe. Looking at the menu, it had standard bar food and restaurant fare for most traditional German pubs with tons of meat, and few vegetables. The wait staff was fluent in English and had a good time flirting with some of the group. They do offer pitchers of their beer, not just 0.5l or 0.3l. The overall sense is more of a neighborhood hangout than a brewery. They only had a few beers available when we stopped by and below is my review of them.

Lemkes Spezialitätenbrauerei GmbH
Dircksenstraße, S-Bahnbogen 143,144 | D-10178 Berlin-Mitte
phone +49 (30) 247 287 27 | fax +49 (30) 247 287 28

Lemke Original
Munich Dunkel Lager • ABV: 5.5% • IBUs: 26 • 12.6° P
Sweet nose, nicely balanced noble hop profile with dry bitter mid and back, with a malt character that is caramel and oats. This beer is full bodied and the mouthfeel is completely chewy with oats.
Lemke Hefeweizen Hell
Hefeweizen • ABV: 5% • IBUs: 16 • 12.5° P
Has a soft rounded approach of lighter clove on the nose, bananas and unfiltered yeast on the front and mid. The balanced and rounded feel in the mouth is refreshing and approachable.
Lemke Weihnachtsbock
Dunkler Bock • ABV: ?% • IBUs: ?
Is a sweet forward nose and mouth feel of spice and a bold roasted malt characters including a slight spice note of coriander and tobacco.

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