Review: Brannon’s Pub and Brewery, Beaverton Oregon

UPDATE: This brewery/restaurnat closed in 2016 due to management issues.

We spent our usual Wednesday happy-hour outing this week (21 January 2015) taking a little road trip out to Beaverton Oregon to visit Brannon’s Brewery. This is basically a brewery in a strip mall. Totally a commercial vibe like a chain restaurant with lots of brushed metal and a huge dinning area, brewery equipment in the back behind windows, game room w/ darts, banquet rooms, and bar area with tables and bar seating (no kids in that area). I do have to mention that the bar has odd shaped tables around the outside wall and LCD TVs in the wall at each of the bar tables with USB and outlets to plug your stuff in, which is nice. There is also a tablet that is attached to the wall that controls the TV and has stuff on it that you can ‘do’ while there. The TV at the table (literally 1 foot from your face) is incredibly distracting and makes it easy to ignore the people you are sitting with.

The food menu has a good variety of American fare with slightly elevated prices. From burgers, puzza and ribs to sammiches and salads. The portion sizes and presentations of what we ordered was decent, and tasted good. It didn’t take long to get our food, and everyone enjoyed what they ordered. I would like to note that the Scotch Eggs came with runny yokes!!! That’s a good trick to pull off. I applauded the kitchen staff for having a clue and serving them Scotch Eggs the way they are supposed to be served.

Oh, and I did mention to the floor manager as we left that I was impressed by the amount of staff that were working in our area, and that everyone that passed by paid attention to our needs (i.e. bussed dishes from the table, etc.) which was really nice. It’s hard to find a restaurant that understands what customer service is. This place really does a great job with that.

Overall the experience was good, the food and beer were decent. I’ve got a picture of the nine beer samples we tried with the reviews below. The brewer is doing a good job on most of them, but a few of them have some distinct flavor profiles that stand out a bit too much, which make them challenging to approach.
3800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd.
Beaverton, OR
PH: (503) 567-8003

Cavorite Golden Ale
Brannon’s Pub & Brewing • OG: 1.05 • IBU: 27.1 • SRM: 3.6 • ABV: 5.6%
HOPS: Sorachi Ace
Lite pils style ale that has a bit of malt that lingers on the back. Slight dry sharper esters are on the front. Flavor profile sort of drops out on the mid and back.
Vernepator NW Pale Ale
Brannon’s Pub & Brewing • OG: 1.055 • IBU: 47.4 • SRM: 10.1 • ABV: 5.8%
Caramel malt on the nose, nice amber color with sweet sugars on the front and mid. Odd grassy bitter and almost floral notes on the back.
Butteridge ESB
Brannon’s Pub & Brewing • OG: 1.049 • IBU: 32.1 • SRM: 12.7 • ABV: 5%
Not really any nose aromatics are there, the front has a bit of piny hops and enough malts to balance it out. The mid to full body mouthfeel provides a good vehicle for the rounded characters.
Heliograph IPA
Brannon’s Pub & Brewing • OG: 1.062 • IBU: 99 • SRM: 8.5 • ABV: 7.1%
The nose is soft citrus peels and sugary malts. The front has plenty of grass and pine bitters and the dry earthy bitter notes linger on the back.
Benzonator Black IPA
Brannon’s Pub & Brewing • OG: 1.059 • IBU: 81.7 • SRM: 35 • ABV: 6%
Toasted malts and burnt cardboard on the nose. Dry piny ester notes with dried fruit and toasted grains on the mid, sweet back wash and burned linger on the back.
Aerostat Saison
Brannon’s Pub & Brewing • OG: 1.049 • IBU: 36 • SRM: 7.5 • ABV: 5.5%
Rotted fruit and clove on the nose, the front is acidic with overbearing yeast esters typical of Belgian Farmhouse styles.
Deputation Imperial Red Ale
Brannon’s Pub & Brewing • OG: 1.071 • IBU: 50.9 • SRM: 18.6 • ABV: 8%
Nice amber color, some caramel malts on the nose, front presents a mix of hops with pine, grapefruit, slight dry and acidity to the mid. Back drops quickly and slight sweet overtones.
Pantechnicon Brown Porter
Brannon’s Pub & Brewing • OG: 1.046 • IBU: 35 • SRM: 20 • ABV: 4.8%
Nice rich color, flat head that leaves a small spidery lattice of foam on the glass rim. Nose has chocolates and toasted grains. The front is slightly smoky and toasted chocolate and toffee.
Thunderbuss Oatmeal Stout
Brannon’s Pub & Brewing • OG: 1.054 • IBU: 41 • SRM: 39 • ABV: 5.2%
Dark rich color, off-white head, small disappears quickly, leaves typical stout rim of foam as drank. Toasted oats and other grains on the nose. Front has soft chocolate and sweet sugar present. Mid and back are thin but have enough flavor profile to carry it.

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